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I'm Toni Ruhanen,

Programming has been my hobby for over 13 years now, and I've managed to gain a pretty good understanding of different programming techniques and principles. Another interest of mine is Information Security, and despite my young age, I've already gained a lot of experience in the field, both in the offensive and defensive side. My specialities include incident response, penetration testing, and malware development.


Toni Ruhanen
20Years Old
13+Years of Coding
7+Years of Infosec

I'm a Fullstack developer and a cybersecurity enthusiast from Espoo, Finland. My focus area has always been backend development with TypeScript and Java because I enjoy creating the complex logic behind applications.

I've been interested in computers since I was a kid and have gained vast experience in many different topics. Usually, I did one of the following things: Played videogames or modded them, tinkered with computer hardware, learned new programming languages, worked on my homelab and self-hosted servers or tried to find exploits from bug bounties.

During my free time, I enjoy hiking, camping in the summer, and playing with my dogs. I'm also a volunteer firefighter.

Work & Education


Mehiläinen Oy (May'23 - Present)

Information Security Specialist

Helsinki, Finland

Mehiläinen Oy (Aug'22 - Apr'23)

IT Support Specialist

Helsinki, Finland

Gigantti Oy (Apr'22 - Jul'22)

Distribution Specialist

Helsinki, Finland

Gigantti Oy (Aug'21 - Apr'22)

Customer Support Technician

Vantaa, Finland

Laurea University of Applied Sciences

Bachelor of Business Administration, Cyber Security

(2024 - Present)

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

Bachelor of Business Administration, Business IT Technology

(2021 - 2023)

Esedu Vocational College

Vocational Qualification in Business Information Technology

(2019 - 2021)

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If you are interested in working with me or have open job opportunities, feel free to contact me. I'm always interested in hearing about new opportunities, and I enjoy collaborating with other people to create even more useless projects!

LinkedIn: Toni Ruhanen

GitHub: Torksi

Email: toni@ruhis.fi