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Project: CloudCraft Recap 2021

CloudCraft Recap 2021 was a small project for the CloudCraft Minecraft server. The project was made in the middle of the night in about 5 hours. The website shows some statistics about the server and its players. The website was made with Next.js and it is deployed on Vercel. The website is available at recap.cloudcraft.fi and it's source code is available on GitHub. I haven't touched the project since it was made, so it's not really up to date anymore.

The stats were collected from the server's Plan plugin. The plugin collects all kinds of data about the server and its players. The data was then saved to JSON files and uploaded to the website.

Screenshot of the webpage
Screenshot of player stats
Fun facts for the community

Idea & Purpose

The idea for this project came in during the New Year's Eve of 2021, and I eventually put the website together in the middle of the night. The website doesn't really serve any purpose, but it was a fun little project to make and I got some positive feedback from the community.