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Project: urlcheck

urlcheck is a tool I made for scanning and analysing suspicious URLs. The tool is publicly available at urlcheck.ruhis.fi and it's source code is available on GitHub. This project is no longer in active development, as I have integrated an improved version into my new project, Vanguard.

The spark for this project came from my 9-5 job, where I was analyzing phishing emails. The tools that were available, weren't really that good, so I decided to make my own. The tool scans the URL, takes a screenshot and collects some data about the website. After I started using this tool, my workflow became much more efficient and I was able to do my job much faster, as I had all the information I needed in one place.

Screenshot of the webpage
Screenshot of the webpage
Centralised collection of metadata

Analytics & Privacy

urlcheck collects metadata about the scanned URLs and stores it in a database. The collected data contains information such as the screenshot, list of contacted domains and IPs, the final HTML render, and more. This data can be used to analyze the URLs and detect possible threats. urlcheck also contains some basic checks and alerts for detecting some very common threats.

urlcheck is made with privacy in mind. It only collects the least amount of data from the user as possible. All the scan results are only stored for 48 hours and then they are automatically purged. urlcheck makes sure that all requests to the scanned URLs are made by the server and not the user's browser. This ensures that the scanned website doesn't get any information about the user.

The future of urlcheck


After starting to work on Vanguard, I decided to integrate urlcheck into it. The new version of urlcheck is much more powerful and capable of detecting phishing sites with a high accuracy. Vanguard URL Scanner has all the features of the original version and more. It also allows integration with SOAR for automated analysis and response and some third-party services to enrich the scan results. The new version is not publicly available.

Screenshot of the webpage